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Villa Escudero Lanzones and Soil Rehabilitation

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Bio-Agritechnology, Inc, have proven consistent results of fruiting, provided they follow strict compliance and implementation of its protocol system. Especially for old non-fruiting native lanzones trees, prevalent in Laguna, Quezon and Batangas Province. After Soil Rehabilitation, subsequently promote formation of new shoots and enlargement of leaves. Recently, elongation of flower…

Rehabilitation Consistent Result

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Over the past years Bio-Agritechnology, Inc. took the challenge to regain the optimum soil condition that will serve as the foundation for growing healthy fruit trees. Thru the implementation and compliance with the Bio-Agritechnology methods on how we treat the soil, we were able to resuscitate barren trees. From fruit…

Villa Escudero Lanzones Rehabilitation

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The Lanzones Rehabilitation for Villa Escudero began early December 2016.With proper compliance of Bio-Agritechnology protocol, rehabilitation of old non-fruiting lanzones trees can be shorten.The results after three (3) months : • Proliferation of new shoots • Enlargement of leaves • More leaves, bigger leaves • Better photosynthesis and metabolism of…