Bamboo Propagation

Bamboo Propagation

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Bamboo is the tallest perennial grass considered to be the versatile plant for a variety of economic uses: culm (pole) production, landscape beautification, erosion control, handicraft and furniture, farm implements, pulp and paper, sturdy building material for building and house construction, textiles. Aside from these, young shoots of some species are edible.

Unlike other plants, Bamboo is anti-bacterial, there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers, that can harm the environment. Because of its’ wide range of site adaptability, Bamboo provides a high rate of success. There is no potential risk involved in bamboo propagation and growth development, except for climatic conditions such as typhoon or drought. As long as there is enough supply and source of water, enough exposure to sunlight, and right temperature. Bamboo grows best in well-drained, moist, fertile soils.  However, it will not tolerate continuously swampy or water-logged sites.

 A bamboo culm reaches its full height in about 60-90 days.  In three to five years, the culms are already matured and can already be harvested, depending on the intended uses. Bamboo is a highly beneficial tool to clean the air we breathe. It releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of tree. It can also lower light intensity, and protect man against ultraviolet rays.

Bamboo planting can be taken by any individual farmer or community because of its’ low maintenance cost. With the obvious potential source of income, great environmental and economic values, the demand for Bamboo in the Philippines is steadily increasing. Consequently there is a slow rise in numbers of enterprising individuals engaged in business of bamboo propagation.

In Bio-Agritechnology Inc, we have made our initial step in Bamboo propagation. With the bamboo shoots starting to develop, our bamboo nursery is slowly increasing. With our own improvisations, we look forward to positive results.

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