Mini Granule



  • Minimum 80% Humic and Fu lvic Acids Content

  • Great for Broadcasting

  • Improves Tilth

  • Long Lasting Effect

  • Easy Application with Minimal Dust Benefits

  • 100% Organic • Natural Chelating Agent

  • Aids in Water Retention

  •  Increases Microbial Activity

  • Breaks Down Heavy Salts


Our Black Earth Mini-Granule Blend is a soil amendment, fertilizer enhancer, and growth promoter to plants and soil microorganisms. Unlike fertilizers it works to not only benefit the plant now, but also improve soil conditions for the future. It is made from a naturally occurring type of oxidized coal that is very rich in humified organic matter, humic and fulvic acids, with minimal impurities. All of our products are backed by solid scientific research proving their effectiveness. We perform frequent quality control testing to ensure the quality and consistency of our products. 100% naturally organic, it is classed as a non-hazardous material and has extremely low toxicity values.

Additional Information

Mini-GranuleOur Mini-Granule Blend contains humic and fulvic acids, which act as natural chelating agents binding to nutrients in the soil. Plants’ roots absorb these humic acid-nutrient compounds effectively increasing the efficiency of plants’ uptake of nutrients and decreasing nutrient losses caused by leaching. In combination with fertilization, it allows you to get the most out of your fertilization program and may even reduce the amount of nutrients applied. It will contribute to improving soil quality, texture, water holding capacity and sustainability, while breaking down clay lattices and reducing sodium built up in soils. In addition, humic and fulvic acids in our MG Blend perform similarly to the plant growth hormone Auxin, which promotes plant growth and root development. This results in improved plant health and production of fruits and vegetables. It will also increase and enhance microbial activity aiding in the maintenance of healthy soils.