Gone are the good old days of prolific lanzones fruiting and lanzones parties. Mount Pinatubo eruption, along with climate change and overexploitation of nature, were suspected to cause the vanishing of lanzones fruits and livelihood.

While the trees remain barren, the market places in Laguna continue to sell imported lanzones fruits from Davao, Camuigin and even from Thailand with their famous Longkong variety. Strangely, many opted not to replace the lanzones trees with other more potentially productive trees, probably still hoping that someday these lanzones trees, without any intervention, will be awakened and bear fruit once again and subsequently bring back the economic prosperity in the area.

Dr. Ruel Reyes, a dentist, and two chums from high school, together with their spouses, formed the Bio-AgriTech Inc. in 2008. Bio-Agritech took the challenge and has successfully turned around the declining lanzones yield in its farm after years of careful observation and experimentation. The incorporators have a vast experience in agriculture as scientists, engineers and hobbyists, and are renowned professionals.